Chapter 1.1 – Articles from the 19th century or earlier

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At the beginning of the 19th century and earlier, the subcutaneous painful nodules (the back mice) were a finding related to what they called acute or chronic rheumatism, muscular rheumatism. 

These are books and thesis related to what they called rheumatism.

    1. 1816 William Balfour: BOOK . Observations with cases with a new, simple and expeditious mode of curing RHEUMATISM and sprains
    2. 1816 Charles Scudamore: BOOK. A treatise on the nature and cure of gout.
    3. 1821 James Morss Churchill: BOOK. A treatise on acupuncturation. 
    4. 1822 Baron D.J. Larrey: BOOK. On the use of the MOXA as a therapeutical agent.
    5. 1827 Charles Scudamore: BOOK. A Treatise on the nature and cure of rheumatism, with observations on rheumatic neuralgia and on spasmodic neuralgia or tic douloureux.
    6. 1827 William Wallace: BOOK. Physiological enquiry respecting the action of MOXA, and its utility in inveterate cases of sciatica, lumbago, and spasmodic diseases of the nerves and muscles.
    7. →1828 Churchill: BOOK. Cases illustrative of the immediate effects of acupuncturation, in rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, anomalous muscular diseases, and in dropsy of the cellular tissue; selected from various sources, and intended as an appendix to the author’s treatise on the subject. Churchill, James Morss. London : Callow & Wilson, 1828. NLM ID: 101170024.
    8. 1845 Alexander Gottschalk: BOOK Darstellung der rheumatischen krankheiten auf anatomischer Grundlage [Representation of rheumatic diseases on an anatomical basis]
    9. 1850 Robert Froriep: BOOK On the therapeutic application of electromagnetism in the treatement of rheumatic and paralytic affections. 
    10. 1881 J.J. Forst (president M. Lasegue): THÈSE Contribution a l’etude clinique de la sciatique
    11. 1904 Ralph Stockman: BOOK The causes, pathology, and treatment of chronic rheumatism.
    12. 1918 Ernst Adolf Schmidt: BOOK Der Muskelrheumatismus (myalgie) auf Grund eigener beobachtungen und untersuchungen gremeinverständlich dargestellt

A book from 1828 about acupuncture.