Chapter 1.4.1 – Studies about the Myofascial syndrome

The back mice nodules could have been also named “myofascial trigger points or MTrPs” by some authors.

It is possible that what they called MTrPS could be back mice… in certain cases. They define them as discreet nodules within a taut band of skeletal muscle that may be spontaneously painful or just painful only upon palpation, that it is exactly how the back mice or the fibrositic nodules could be described, the only difference is that the MTRPS are located at the muscle level, but it COULD BE that what they think is the muscle is the deep subcutaneous layer or the fibro-fatty layer of the septae that divides the muscles.

ARTICLES about the Myofascial syndrome

2015 Shah et al: Myofascial trigger points then and now: a historical and scientific prespective.