2009 Su Min Ko et al. – Fibro-Fatty nodule

This was a POSTER that was published in The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation in 2009 about buttock pain by superior nerve entrapment due to fibro-fatty nodule (also named back mice). It is signed by Su Min Ko et al. From the Montefiore medical center. New York.

It is just a very short CASE REPORT, about a 60-year-old woman that improves after a cluneal blockage underneath the nodule.

It does no give any references.

It does not show any figure.


Notes on the POSTER:

Superior cluneal nerve entrapment due to fibro-fatty nodule: a case report

Poster 166 Ko, Su Min et al.

PM&R , Volume 1 , Issue 9 , S176

They presented the case of a 60-year-old woman that was visited in their rehabilitation clinic for right buttock pain of 2 weeks of duration. The patient did not have any previous past history of back pain.

The patient referred pain VAS 6/10. No trauma. The nature of the pain was burning. She herself felt a ‘knot’ in the right buttock area. An aggravating factor was sitting on the painful spot. No history of numbness, paresthesia, or bowel or bladder incontinence.

Physical examination with normal and motor test. Reflexes normal. Provocation test FADIR, Partick and FABER normal.

She had an exquisite tender point 2 cm above the posterior iliac crest and 7 cm lateral to the midline of spinous process. On deep palpation pain radiated to right buttock.

They palpated a movable rubbery-nature nodule on the tender area.

They diagnosed the patient with superior cluneal nerve entrapment due to fibro-fatty nodule.

The diagnosis was confirmed with a local injection of 4 ml of 1% lidocaine using a 22-gauge spinal needle underneath the palpable nodule.

The patient experienced an instant pain relief after the injection. Palpation then did not cause any radiating pain.

They warn that this entity can be effectively diagnosed through careful physical examination; the cluneal block confirms the diagnosis.

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