Thanks to

I will like to thank the support and collaboration to:

  • Yahya Bensouna (my partner, for being my day by day support, for his understanding and patience and my first medical case)
  • Maria Dolors Parera Auge (my mum, for listening always and preparing delicious food as a way of helping out)
  • Joan Cañis Parera
  • Marta Exposito Izquierdo (for being the first one to give me support and for being my research partner and friend)
  • Josep Montesinos (for being the first one to give me support in the Hospital de El Vendrell)
  • Juanjo Cabre (for being our thesis director)
  • Susana Palau Lléo (for being a great content editor)
  • Manel Santafe (for his support in listening and his advice in research and histology)
  • Francisco Valderrama (for giving his enthusiastic support and his anatomy knowledge)
  • Slavador Sarrà Morató (for listening, and helping specially with the ultrasounds)
  • Gabriel Borrell Arnabat (for his support, and the long coffees talking)
  • Judith Mañé (always ready to help and listen, one of my great supporters in the Hospital de El Vendrell)
  • Abderrahim Talhaoui (for Informatics support at the beginning)
  • Baldiri Caselles (for Informatics support)
  • From El Colomer: Bea Caballero, Rosa Castro, Vanesa Rodriguez, Alba Peña, Esther Cassà, MaJose Lopez,  Rosa Almenar, Montse Peitx. Luci de la Mata, Adelaida Bargans, Eva i Nuria Navarro, Pili i Eva Valdepeñas, Sandra Plazas, Àngel Rafecas, Ruben Soria, Conch Criado, Gisela Rafols, Delia Rebollar, Hilda Carafa, Esther Cassà (for being a following up patients, allowing photos and videos, and helping with their understanding)
  • Imma Vives (for his listening and creativity).
  • My hospital colleagues: Susana Serrano, Samira, Pipe, Rodolfo Amaut, Ana Esteban, Claudia Gomero, Sara, Minerva, Paola  Viverso, Marcela Garay, Biedma, Sonia Vidal, Anna Company
  • My girlfriends: Claudia, Iratxe, Gloria, Yolanda i Sònia (for being there)
  • All the members of my family, thanks for showing interest and being incondicional suporters.
  • Eva and Nuria Pros (thanks again for being there and sharing your cases)
  • Paulo Vedoya (for the social media campaign)
  • Manel Sales Carda (his listening and support with his Chinese medicine knowledge).
  • José Ramón Moreno Zafra (for his special listening and curiosity).
  • Mauricio Valarezo

Thanks to all

Marta Cañis Parera