Chapter 1.2 – Articles from early 20th century

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The authors form early 20th century use to name the back mice nodules as painful nodules, tumors, indurations or points  related to what they call rheumatism or rheumatic pain. 

After the publication from Gowers in 1904  in England, back mice used to be named “fibrositis of the back” or “lumbar fibrositis” specially by the English authors →LINK to articles.

The French authors during the early 20th century used the term “nodule de cellulite” or “infiltrats cellulalgiques”   to name the back mice →LINK to articles.

List of articles from early 20th century

  1. →1904 TREATISE Stockman (from Edinburg, England): The causes, pathology and treatment of chronic rheumatism.   
Published in 1904. In this treatise, Stockman just calls the nodules fibrous indurations or thickenings that have the property by certain “irritants” to swell. He describes the back mice as SEROUS EXUDATION IN FIBROUS INDURATIONS. The exudation can be partly reabsorbed and then the fibrous thickenings become less painful. According to him -and many other authors- the “mice” can be present at ANY LOCATION of the body, not just at the lumbar zone.

(→IMAGES form 1904 Stockman)