Chapter 1- Nodules and trigger points

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This section provides an in-depth review of all the medical literature published throughout history regarding the presence of painful nodules and trigger pain points in the body. It entails an extensive bibliographical analysis that continues to expand. The primary objective is to thoroughly examine the literature and all the theories proposed by physicians concerning the existence of painful nodules and trigger points in the human body. The ultimate goal is to gain a deeper understanding of this clinical phenomenon and to develop our own theories, taking into account the wealth of accumulated knowledge.

The bibliographical review about nodules ( back mice) and trigger points (peripheral neuropathies) can be divided in different historical periods:

LINK to the ALL the published medical articles about back mice

LINK to The history of the termfibrositis (an old name for back mice)

LINK to the French studies about thecellulite (an old name for back mice)

LINK to the articles about “myofascial syndrome”