All the studied medical references about backmice

This is a chronologic list from 82 articles (posters / thesis / treatises / editorials letters) about or related to “back mice” in the late century from all over the world

(I will mark with a ♥ the most relevant ones to my opinion)

Every article is linked  → with a summary of the original article

  1. →1929 THESIS Lagèze ♥♥♥ (Lyon, France): Sciatiques et infiltrats cellulalgiques
  2. →1904 TREATISE Stockman ♥♥♥ (from Edinburg, England): The causes, pathology and treatment of chronic rheumatism.
  3. →1935 Sutro (from New York, USA): Subcutaneous fatty nodes in the sacroiliac area.
  4. →1937 Ries ♥ (from Chicago, USA): Episacroiliac lipoma. 
  5. →1942 MacDermot ♥ ♥ ♥ (from Vancouver, Canada): Sacro-iliac lipomata.
  6. →1944 Copeman and Ackerman ♥♥♥♥(from London, England): Fibrositis of the back
  7. →1945 Mylechreest ♥ (St Thomas Hospital, from England): Investigation into aetiology and pathology of fibrositis of the back
  8. →1945 Pugh (from England): A study of rheumatism in a group of soldiers with reference to the incidence of trigger points and fibrositic nodules. 
  9. →1945 Clavero-Núñez ♥ (from Spain): Las afecciones del panículo adiposo como causa de lumbosacralgias en la mujer.
  10. →1946 Herz ♥: Herniation of subfascial fat as a cause of low back pain; report of 37 cases treated surgically. 
  11. →1946 Hench (from Mayo Clinic, USA): Discussion of the paper by Ralph Herz: Herniation of subfascial fat as a cause of low back pain.
  12. →1946 LETTER (from Chicago, USA):   Herniation of fascial fat and low back pain. 
  13. →1946 EDITORIAL “El día médico” (From Argentina): Una causa frecuente de lumbago: las hernias de la grasa subfascial.
  14. →1947 Copeman and Ackerman ♥ ♥ ♥ (from England): Edema or herniation of fat lobules as a cause of lumbar and gluteal fibrositis.
  15. →1947 Moes (from California, US): Nodulation or herniation of fat as a cause of low back pain. 
  16. →1948 Orr et al. ♥♥ (from Florida, US): Somatic pain due to fibrolipomatous nodules, simulating uretero-renal disease: a preliminary report.
  17. →1948 Hucherson and Gandy (from Texas, USA): Herniation of fascial fat; a cause of low back pain.
  18. →1949 Hittner (from Wisconsin, USA): Episacroiliac lipomas.
  19. →1949 Copeman ♥♥♥(from England): Fibro-fatty tissue and its relation to “rheumatic” syndromes.
  20. →1949 Dal Lago (from Aregntina): Tratamiento quirúrgico de las fibrositis y hernias grasas lumbares. ISSN 0048-7716.
  21. →1950 Rubens-Duval (from France): Cellulalgie.
  22. →1950 Dal Lago & Vera (from Argentina): a frecuencia de las hernias grasas con lesiones necróticas como causa de lumbago].
  23. →1950 Katz & Berk (from Boston, USA): Episacroiliac lipoma as a cause of low back pain. 
  24. →1950 Herz (from USA): Differential diagnosis of low back pain based on a study of two hundred and eighty-one cases  (nodules and trigger points). ISSN 0093-0970
  25. →1951 Rouhier (From France): Les lipomes douloureux de L’échancrure sciatique det de la region para-sacrrée.
  26. →1952 Herz ♥ (from Florida, USA)Subfascial Fat Herniation as a Cause of Low Back Pain: Differential Diagnosis and Incidence in 302 Cases of Backache.
  27. →1952 Ficarra and Mclaughlin (from Brooklyn, USA): Low back pain due to pannicular hernias. Case report
  28. →1952 Raymond (from USA): Sacro-iliac lipomatosis (Herter’s diseases). A relatively new clinical entity
  29. →1952 Sicard (from Paris, France)Lipomes épisacro-iliaques et lombo-sciatiques. 
  30. →1952 Donati and Bidone (from Pavia, Italy): Lipomi della regione sacroiliaca (episacroiliaci) come causa di sindromi lombo-sciatalgique e di lombo-sacrralgiche. ISSN 0009-9023
  31. →1952 Dal Lago (from Argentina): Lumbago y lumbociáticas reflejas y hernias grasas lumbosacras. ISSN 0325-1578
  32. 1952 Florentin and Louyot (from France): Le nodule inflammatoire sacro-iliaque [Inflammatory nodes of the sacro-iliac region]. ISSN 0035-2659
  33. →1953 Sheehan (from Drogheda, Ireland): Epi-sacro-iliac lipoma and sciatica.  
  34. →1953 Nunziata (from Argentina): Lumbociáticas por hernias de grasa.
  35. →1953 Scmidt-Voigt (from Germany): Das lipomatöse kreuzbeinsyndrom.
  36. →1953 Rimbaud and Thevenet (from France): Lombo-sciatiques et lipome épisacro-iliaque.
  37. →1954 Bonner and Kadson (from Boston, USA): Herniation of fat through lumbodorsal fascia as a cause of low back pain.
  38. →1954 Knight (from Marshalltown, USA): Sacro-iliac lipoma versus pannicular hernia.
  39. →1954 Terzani and Venerando (from Italy): Fibrosite lombare in sollevatori di peso [Lumbar fibrositis in weight lifting]. ISSN 0048-7449
  40. →1955 Ficarra (from New York, USA): Pannicular lumbosacroiliac hernia
  41. →1955 Monnerot-Dumaine ♥ (from France): Le lipome épi sacro-iliaque
  42. →1955 Joyeux (from France): Lipomes et lombo-sciatiques
  43. →1956 Nocentini and Rosati ♥ (from Firenze, Italy): Anatomicoclinical picture of episacroiliac lipomas.
  44. →1957 Gomez Carpio et al (from Chile): Clinical and therapeutic aspects of hernia of the panniculus adiposus as a cause of lumbosacral fibrositis.
  45. →1959 Tibaudin (from Argentina): Lumbar fat hernias as the cause of reflex lumbosciaticas.
  46. →1959 Kanan (from Puerto Alegre, Brazil): Hernias of the sacral fascia
  47. →1960 Raymond (from Pennsylvania, USA): Sacroiliac lipomatosis.
  48. →1961 Wollgast and Afeman (Denver, USA): Sacroiliac lipomas.
  49. → 1962 THESIS (France): Sciatiques et lipomes épi-sacro-iliaques
  50. →1963 Sedwitz and Thomas (Zebulon, USA): Hernia Adiposa A cause of low back pain.
  51. →1963 Dittrich (Minnesota, USA): Lumbodorsal facia and related structures as factors in Disability.
  52. →1965 Nakano and Saito (From Japan): [Fascial fat herniation causing backache] Seikeigeka Orthopedic surgery ISSN: 0030-5901
  53. →1966 Singewald ♥♥ (Baltimore, USA): Another cause of low back pain: lipomata in the sacroiliac region.
  54. →1968 Baciu (From Romania): Painful lumbar sclerolipoma. Copeman-Ackerman’s syndrome.
  55. →1969 Baciu (From Bucarest,  Rumania): Les lombosciatalgies du type Copeman and Ackerman. 
  56. →1970 Carninci & Campailla (From Italy): I lipomi episacroiliaci
  57. →1972 Pace and Henning (from California, US): Episacroiliac lipoma
  58. →1978 Faille (Washington, USA): Low Back pain and lumbar fat herniation
  59. →1981 Tong (From China): Pannicular sacroiliac hernia
  60. →1982 Ercegovac (From Serbia): Xanthoadipose nodules in the sacroiliac region and their clinical importance. Lumbar and sciatic pain. 
  61. →1990 Grieve (from England): Episacroiliac lipoma
  62. →1990 Rosati (from Firenze, Italy)Il rulo dei lipomi episacroiliaci come causa di sindromi pseudolombosciatalgiche
  63. →1991 Collée et al. (Leiden, Netherlands): Iliac Crest Pain Syndrome in Low Back Pain.
  64. →1991 Swezey (California, USA): Non-fibrositic lumbar subcutaneous nodules: prevalance and clinical significance
  65. 1993 Curtis ♥ (from North Carolina, USA):  In search of the “Back Mouse”
  66. →1993 Fisher and Gravesen (from USA): Back mouse
  67. →1995 Earl et al. (from Johnson City, USA): “Back mice: a prevalence study”
  68. →2000 Motyka  (USA): Treatment of low back pain associated with “back mice”
  69. →2000 Curtis ♥ (North Carolina, USA): Fibro-fatty nodules and low back pain. The back mouse masquerade
  70. →2000 Bond  (USA): Low back pain and episacral lipomas
  71. 2003 Kurnik  (USA): Iliac Nodular Disorder
  72. →2004 Bond  (USA)Chiropractic treatment of the back mouse
  73. 2004 Curtis ♥♥♥ (North Carolina, USA): Treasures in the attic (the back mice)
  74. 2007 Beverley (Merrit, British Columbia, Canada): Episacroiliac lipoma: a case report.
  75. POSTER Su Min Ko 2009 (from New York, USA): Superior cluneal nerve entrapment due to fibro-fatty nodule: a case report.
  76. POSTERB. Nacir (from Turquey): The frequency of episacral lipoma in patients with low back pain and the efficacy of local injection.
  77. 2013 Erdem et al. (Turquey): Episacral lipoma: a treatable cause of low back pain.
  78. 2015 Yang et al. (Xi’an, China): Sacroiliac fascial lipocele could be a neglected cause of lumbosacral pain: case study of percutaneous endoscopic treatment. 
  79. 2016 Bicket et al.  ♥♥ (Boston, USA): The best-laid plans of “back mice”.
  80. →2017 Frina et al.  (Catania, Italy): Copeman nodule: a case report.
  81. 2017 Tiegs-Heiden et al.  (Mayo Clinic, USA): Subfascial fat herniation: sonographic features of back mice
  82. →2018 POSTER Lefkof et al. (from Miami, USA): Episacroiliac lipoma manifested as lower back pain with bilateral lower extremity radicular pain and parasthesias to the knee.

LINK to The history of the termfibrositis (an old name for back mice was lumbar fibrositis and generalized fibrositis was and old name for fibromyalgia)

LINK to the French studies about thecellulite (an old name for back mice was lumbar cellulite by the french authors)

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