Chapter 5.2 – From fibrositis to fibromyalgia

(Back mice were also named fibrositis of the back.)

Fibrositis was a term proposed by Gowers in 1904  in an article title LUMBAGO. During the first half 20th century it was a term (Chapter 1.2.1 The term “fibrositis”) very commonly used specially by the British medical community.  Later the term fibrositis became in disuse, and during the years it has transformed to became fibromyalgia.

Maybe the fibromyalgic syndrome is related to the fibro-fatty tissue dysfunction by edematization and peripheral nerve compression?; in fact, some of my patients labeled as fibromyalgic present painful fibro-fatty nodules, not just painful points, especially if the examiner is skilled to find them.

From fibrositis to fibromyalgia

Studying articles….

  1. →1990 Smythe and Sheon (From Canada and USA): Fibrositis / Fibromyalgia: a difference of opinion
  2. →1990 Wolfe et al. (From USA and Canada): Criteria for the calssification of fibromyalgia.
fibrositis and fibromyalgia
Article from 1990. Authors Smythe and Sheon. Titled FIBROSITIS/FIBROMYALGIA a difference of opinion. The article exposes 2 opinion/answers to certain questions related to the fibromyalgic syndrome.
18 specific tender point sites
Article form 1990. Authors Wolfe et al. CRITERIA FOT THE CALSSIFICATION OF FIBROMYALGIA. American College of rheumatology.