Chapter 1.2.2 Old remedies for fibrositis

Old remedies to treat fibrositis

  1. Fynnon salts
  2. Polyestol bandage
  3. Diuromil
  4. Fibrosine
  5. Health ray

Fynnon salts (→Fynnon salts)

Directions from the tin: Take a level teaspoonful of Fynnon Salt in a tumblerful of warm or cold water (or tea if preferred) before breakfast or last thing at night. Ajust until you get a gentle bowel movement.

Fynnon Salt is a femous saline treatment for the relief of Rheumatic Pains. Muscular Rheumatism and fibrositis.

Polyestol bandage (→Polyestol Bandage)

Diuromil (→Diuromil)

Fibrosine (→Fibrosine)

Health ray (→Health ray)