2011 Nacir – Frequency of episacral lipoma

This is a poster published at the European Journal of pain in 2011. It is a simple study that suggests that 23% of chronic LBP are due to episacral lipoma. 13 of the 18 female patients improved after local intranodular anesthetic injection of the nodule. They used a combination of anesthetic and cortisone to do the injection therapy.

Notes on the POSTER:

The frequency of episacral lipoma in patients with low back pain and the efficacy of local injection therapy.

By B. Nacir

Ankara Turquey

Background and aims: To determine the frequency of episacral lipoma in patients with LBP and to evaluate the efficacy of local injection (LA) therapy.

Methods: 90 patients (76 females and 14 males) were included. They evaluate the patients with careful palpation. The severity of pain was evaluated by the VAS scale and the functional status using the Roland_Morris disability Questionnaire (RMDQ). They treat patients with local injection of 2cc prilocaine 2% and 20mg methylprednisolone.

Results: 18 of the 76 female patients (23%) had episacral lipomas painful with palpation and REFERRED PAIN. None of the male patients referred lipomas. 13 patients accepted the LA intranodular injection therapy of the lipoma. Statistically significant improvement was observed in the mean VAS scores of the 13 patients after 1 hour post injection. Significant improvement continued after 1 month post injection.

Conclusions: episacral lipomas are structures responsible for the pain in a substantial part of patients with chronic LBP. Local injection results in a decrease of the pain. Then the patients can do the exercise treatment.


B. Nacir. The frequency of episacral lipkma in patients with low back pain and the efficacy of local injection. European Journal of pain supplements. 2011. 5 (1) p 229. ISSN: 1754-3207.