Human cadaveric dissections – Dissecting ‘back mice’…

In 2023, we began conducting human cadaveric dissections with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the ‘back mice phenomenon.’ These observations can be summarized on our YouTube Channel, which has led us to preliminary conclusions that may provide new insights into the ‘back mice conundrum.’

Links to the YouTube videos:

LINK to: Observation#2: Cadaveric Anatomical Dissection of the Fibrofatty Structures known as “back mice”.

-LINK to: Observation#3: Cadaveric Anatomical Dissection of ‘Back Mice’ (Lower Back Lumps).

LINK: Observation#4: Cadaveric Anatomical Dissection of ‘back mice’ (Lower Back Lumps)

LINK: What are the hard knots in the lower back? (…studying the back mice phenomenon for 6 years)

-LINK: The mysterious palpable lumps in the lower back (dissecting ‘back mice’)