YouTube Channel: Diario de una Investigadora Sin Glamour

From May 2022 to May 20235982,098

This channel is dedicated to conveying my research in an easily understandable manner, with humor as a primary element. I believe that incorporating humor helps to engage and retain viewers’ attention, especially when it comes to simplifying complex medical topics for those who are not well-versed in the field. Despite not being a professional YouTuber, I strive to do my best in delivering quality content. As the episodes progress, I continuously refine the style and format of the videos, aiming to create an enjoyable viewing experience.


→LINK to the YouTube Channel Main Page: Diario de una Investigadora Sin Glamour 

LINK to video 1 Capítulo 1: Qué pasa con la grasa (y la lumbalgia inespecífica). Published on May, 9 2022.

→LINK to video 2 Capítulo 2: Clu clu Cluneal ( “especificando” la lumbalgia inespecífica?). Published on May, 18 2023. This is a 27-minute-long video that aims to explain in the clearest and most amusing YouTuber-style manner why back mice could cause superior cluneal nerve entrapment. Additionally, it explains why this cluneal neuralgia creates low back pain that can refer down to the leg. Although it is in Spanish, it has English subtitles.

→LINK to video 3 Capítulo 3: Solo palpar! (descubriendo el fenómeno “back mice”). Published on September 13, 2022.

Capítulo 4: Copeman’s nodule (back mice), the story of a scientific eclipse.


More videos coming soon…